Project Notes ----

The project file "MacBirdProjects" is a master project referncing all the projects
in IOWA and the Frontier SDK. It may be used as a "command center" for locating
the separate components.

CodeWarrior Pro4 was used for the latest version of this project.

The UI Sharing Toolkit and uisharer do not yet build.
Their targets have been switched off.

The "iowa" project still directly includes all the files in the applet toolkit
because there are not yet debug and non-debug targets for the applet toolkit libraries.

appletquickdraw.c now uses a locally define build flag to control reuseable offscreens.
it used to use "coderesource" even though that useage was commented out.

files in the applet toolkit with build switches dependencies are:

		fldebug ---------------

		appRunsCards ----------

		coderesource ----------
			appleticons.c (I commented out this dependency since it apparently
								affected only the presence of a link error.)

	These dependencies could be handled by the use of separate build targets so that
	applet toolkit files are not directly included by the application.

Running "InstallIOAs" results in the error from Frontier:
	Couldn't create the folder "Enigma:System Folder:Extensions:UserLand Extensions:Standard Objects:",
	because "The folder “Enigma:System Folder:Extensions:UserLand Extensions:Standard Objects:” wasn’t found."
	After creating the folders, the script failed again because "components" wasn't defined

	Installing manually worked.
I haven't done anything with the Droplet Developer 4.0 in Extras