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Glitch in MSIE5/Beta 2?

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:11/7/1998; 10:04:06 AM
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To the MSIE team, I see a bunch of bugfixes in beta 2, thank you, those are definitely appreciated, but I have an almost deal-stopper bug in beta 2. Here's what's not working on my machine.

When I go to a site with frames and want to point to a page inside the site, I have to get the URL from the Properties window. Right-click on the text and choose Properties. Then a window pops up containing information, including the URL of the page I'm looking at. Select the URL, copy, switch into Frontier, paste. It's an almost essential part of my workflow.

But the feature appears to be broken in beta 2. The clipboard does not contain the URL when I switch back into Frontier. It's not just a problem with Frontier, I tried to paste into Eudora too, with no luck. The problem seems to be in MSIE.

Running NT4, Service pack 3.


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