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Re: Revision Control

Author:William Crim
Posted:11/20/1998; 10:51:28 AM
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Right now I have an internal web site that gets updated several times a day by several people. All of the HTML and scripts are stored in files on our web site. I would prefer to have all the files stored in a revision Control system. That way, if someone messes the HTML up, I can revert the file(so it works again) and find out who is responsible(the one who checked the offending file in) and correct it.

Most of the information I am dealing with is fairly technical and really should be dealt with by the ones who are actually generating the data. I can train them on HTML all I want, but people are going to make mistakes. And mistakes cost money.

I don't need it for code. I need it to keep a moderatly complex website under control. I have seen people use CVS for this, and it works well. I know Source Safe has some support for web pages built in.(I think the new version 6 might have better support) I thought Frontier would be good for this, especially since I would be able to easily do things like have a bug report page, where users could auto-revert changes if there is a problem with a URL.

If this isn't something you think Frontier would be good for I can understand. Just throwing an idea out there.

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