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I use Opera all the time...

Author:William Crim
Posted:11/30/1998; 9:26:19 AM
Topic:What if there were a third browser?
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I use Opera as my main browser. It is great.

It supports Javascript, and it has Java support through Sun's Java Plugin. It supports plugins like any other browser, though sometimes the Plugin installers don't recognize Opera as a browser(this forces you to do it manually). It also supports CSS.

It works very well over slow connections. You can independantly configure the cache for Images,HTML, and Other file types. It also does all the SSLs.

Perhaps MY favorite feature is that all browser windows are contained within the parent. I really hate using the larger browsers since they clutter my screen and taskbar with windows.

Project Magic(Used to be Opera Winfree) is a group that is porting Opera to most other platforms, Mac, Linux, OS/2, etc... They are making good progress. Lets hope...

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