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Announcing xmltr

Author:Paul Howson
Posted:12/13/1998; 10:22:37 PM
Topic:Frontier-related announcements
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This was announced on the ScriptMeridian list a couple of months ago, but some Frontier users may have missed it: Xmltr is a suite for UserLand Frontier. You can use xmltr to translate documents marked up with Extensible Markup Language (xml) into alternate representations --- such as HTML for publication on the web via the Frontier Web Site Framework or to a tool-specific markup language for print publication. Xmltr works together with the blox xml parser from Technology Solutions to translate xml into other formats. Blox converts an xml source document into a "parse tree" inside the Frontier object database (ODB). Xmltr traverses the resulting parse tree and invokes a series of translation rules corresponding to each markup construct in the source document. Download from:

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