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Announcing Tonto 1.0b2

Author:Seth Dillingham
Posted:12/28/1998; 9:25:14 AM
Topic:Frontier-related announcements
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Tonto is a small helper application for Frontier (currently mac-only). It puts up a small floating window. You can register scripts with Tonto, which places buttons for those scripts in the floating window.

Read more about Tonto (and see screen shots) at the following location:

New in 1.0b2: an incredibly easy new script-caching system, and the Tonto window can use buttons with labels, colorful icons, or both!

The floating window is available in all applications, and the buttons shown in the window can be global (all apps), context-sensitive (specific to the frontmost app), or a combination of both.

Enjoy, and please send me your thoughts and feature requests.

Seth Dillingham

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