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Author:Keola Donaghy
Posted:1/23/1999; 3:28:57 PM
Topic:Search Engine XML-RPC Interface
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Thanks, Brent, for the help. Got this working as a final filter to my site. The one problem was that I was using ContentServer to render the site twice, once to my HD and once to a remote site, had to set the filter to ignore the local rendering and avoid a "file:///" type of URL. If anyone is interested here is my FinalFilter:

on finalFilter (adrPageTable) 
 if (adrPageTable^.template != "local")
    local (title = adrPageTable^.title);
    local (url = adrPageTable^.url);
    local (text = searchEngine.stripMarkup (adrPageTable^.renderedText));
    local (siteName = "NahenaheNet");
    local (siteURL = "");
    user.addToSearchEngine (title, url, text, sitename, siteURL)}};
 return (true)}

user.addToSearchEngine is essentially the example script Brent posted. Suggestions welcome.

One last question (for today :-) ) - how well does the search engine handle 8 bit characters? I'm curious about this for my Hawaiian language site which used 8 bit chars.



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