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Sample Frontier Code

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/28/1999; 8:53:24 AM
Topic:Search Engine XML-RPC Interface
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Sample code, running on my system, to call your RPC handler:
local (server = "", port = 80, procedure = "xxx");
local (title = "Scripting News Archive: 1/28/99");
local (url = "");
local (text = base64.encode (string (dweb.home.["99"].["01"].News28), 0));
local (sitename = "Scripting News Archive");
local (siteurl = "");
local (params = {title, url, text, sitename, siteurl});
dialog.alert (betty.rpc.client (server, port, procedure, @params))

It works, but there are problems. The XML result it returns is not properly formed. When I resubmit the page it doesn't replace the original. Not sure what to set the procedure name to.

I think we clearly need something less ad hoc running in Apache, but this is a grrrreat beginning, thank you for picking up the ball.

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