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Where to go to edit that?

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:2/6/1999; 10:43:31 AM
Topic:InfoWorld: The New Web Order
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A question we tried to answer in Frontier 6 is "What do I have to do to edit this page?"

Our answer is that, when the owner of a document is reading the document there should be a button on the page that he or she can press to begin editing it.

In current web systems, there's a place to go to view a document and another place to go to edit it. The more work you have to do to get from one place to the other the more ideas and polish you lose.

Our goal in Frontier 6 has been to shrink that distance as close to zero as we can. In a sense the content management system knows how to make the content available for editing. It can send it to you via the web browser, as you have seen in the Discussion Group interface, or thru XML-RPC to a local text editing tool. (Frontier 6 itself can do this, thus its new "workstation" role, but this protocol is open and will be documented so any editing tool can play this role, and thru Frontier's scripting interfaces on the workstation we can even enable tools that don't support XML-RPC, such as BBEdit on the Mac.)

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