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Re: InfoWorld: The New Web Order

Author:Robert Occhialini
Posted:2/6/1999; 4:06:33 PM
Topic:InfoWorld: The New Web Order
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I pitched a business proposal internally to the CEO of my company two weeks ago that is based on the basic tenants of this article from an infrastructure standpoint. This, in my opinion, is the first step in moving any company from being Internet Aware to being Internet Enabled. With this first part of the business model in place, I am of the opinion that one can implement any of a number of strategies, including transactional e-commerce, to create a revenue sustained Internet based corporate business.

While my proposal may not go through(There are a number of other issues involved), I am convinced that this is the foundation that needs to be in place in order to succeed as an Internet Publishing enterprise. In the existing publishing model, you would need to add technical people to keep up with the amount of content to be posted, and, even then, you would still not have content up as quickly. Fresh and useful content is the key to attracting eyeballs, and audience=revenue.

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