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Group editing

Author:Tommy Sundström
Posted:2/9/1999; 1:08:47 AM
Topic:InfoWorld: The New Web Order
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Sometimes it would be apropriate to give a group of people the "Edit this" button - like when you have a newspaper type of publishing, and there is a group of editors (and the real owner has gone home to sleep). And sometimes there is a need for giving people higher up in the hierarchy power to change (or remove) a page. Like the webmaster, when an insulting message has been published on the intranet.

The concept of groups seams to be implemented in the people suite, so maybe it's easy to implement - techvise.

The interface is a bit tougher. I realy like the clean interface of it now, and would not like to have more options. So this has to be set up in the background. Like in "everything in this guest database can be edited by this group"

It can also be tricky on the response bit. If the webmaster has changed my page, who is realy responsible for the contents?

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