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Re: Gnome vs. KDE vs. X

Author:Tim Moore
Posted:3/12/1999; 9:07:37 AM
Topic:Gnome vs. KDE vs. X
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Red Hat has made a choice: GNOME. They've even got a few (six, IIRC) developers working on it full time.

But people are stubborn. There's a lot of time and code invested in KDE, and by and large it's quite good. You talk about the market gravitating, but that ignores the community. As long as there's community interest in KDE it will stay alive.

Everyone has a lot to gain, however, by keeping the differences minimal. GNOME and KDE already support the same Drag-and-Drop protocol (GNOME also supports the Motif protocol, not sure about KDE). I would expect a clipboard format to come soon. We'll probably see the two environments converge more and more over time.

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