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Re: Windows vs. Mac mouse tracking

Author:Daniel Bushman
Posted:3/12/1999; 8:17:21 PM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 3/11/99
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I worked in a studio once with a Mac lab, and an NT Lab. We were using Photoshop to restore old films, and no one wanted to work in the NT lab entirely because of the mouse tracking difference. For the 3D work we were doing everyone wanted to be in the NT lab because they were DEC Alphas and tracking didn't matter so much.

This was not just a mouse issue, because we used pen and tablets 50% of the time, and there is the same problem there.

I would say it's pretty obvious the difference. I'm never comfortable doing controlled movements on a Windows mouse/tablet.

I've heard it is because a Mac mouse is tracked by hardware, whereas a Windows mouse is tracked by software.

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