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Re: RSS File Tester

Author:Dan Lyke
Posted:3/18/1999; 9:26:42 AM
Topic:Problems registering?
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One ridiculous request that may help other people next time you're tweaking this code: How about warning when the page exceeds 15 entries?

Your tester truncates, (which is what Netscape's should do too!), but I was having trouble navigating through all the twisty JavaScript and unresponsive servers to get my MyNetscape account set up this morning, so used your validator (thank you!) to double-check my XML and came to work where I could fix the registration problem on a fast net connection, and never noticed that my script puts too many entries in the RDF file. So I've got to wait 'til I get home to fix it.

No biggie, but since you're truncating anyway you're obviously keeping track of this number and it might be worth adding an extra message next time you're in that code.

Thanks for the tool!

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