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Cool screen shots

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:3/24/1999; 6:50:09 PM
Topic:Calling all Screen Shots!
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This is a little like a family album where we get to see how people are using Frontier, and it's suprising and interesting.

Here are two examples, one from Lawrence Lee and the other from Daniel Berlinger.

Wait there's more! Lixian B. Chiu shows us the DG doing Chinese text. And a Chinese search engine! Wow!

Christophe Pingel is working on an editorial system for a broadcast radio station's website.

I'm so inspired! I just posted another screen shot. This one shows what a user's member record looks like. Don't worry the password isn't for real.

Here's my latest control panel. Note the angels (my new term for agents) and cowboys, and now there's even a turkey (this is where I go to see error messages). A new nomenclature. Who says web development can't be colorful!

This is better than I had hoped for. People are reallly being creative. This is great. I want to show people how people are being innovative with Frontier, not just what Frontier looks like.

Send us your screen shots!


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