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Re: [ANN] outline renderer for F6 HTML authoring

Author:Bruce Hoult
Posted:4/10/1999; 3:58:01 PM
Topic:[ANN] outline renderer for F6 HTML authoring
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Why not "stream" the video from the technographers workstation to the attendees' browswers? Bypass the HTML parsing entirely? The technographer types into a laptop or desktop cpu, the video feeds into a streaming video server, and voila! I'm guessing that the higher resolution demands are more than offset by the relatively (compared to full-motion video) static nature of the image and the lack of color data which should make it highly compressible.

That's true, but why do you need to go through video? You can generate a QuickTime movie on the fly. Even the current QuickTime should work for that, with http partial-writes.

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