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Re: Is it safe to link to $tree pages?

Author:Brent Simmons
Posted:4/17/1999; 12:12:34 PM
Topic:Is it safe to link to $tree pages?
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A titleSearch URL is constructed like this:

Start with$

Look at the title of the page, but drop all spaces and punctuation. Then add it to the URL.


This type of linking fails when there are pages with non-unique names, however. If there are three pages named Introduction on the site, you won't necessarily link to the one you want. Most of the time it's pretty easy to tell that the page you're looking at should have a unique name.

Another way to link is to use URLs that correspond to the old Frontier 5 site URLs. For instance, a page that used to be here... now here...

These URLs can be harder to discover, but the search engine uses them, as you may have noted. (And not every page is accessible this way, though many are, especially pages that used to be on the Frontier 5 site.)

Finally, we've tried to ensure that old links are redirected. Some examples you can try:

(Note: if you find any old pages whose redirects don't work properly, please let me know.)

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