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Re: Registry footprint?

Author:Christopher Short
Posted:4/21/1999; 12:58:47 AM
Topic:Registry footprint?
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How much does Frontier 6 for Windows rely on the registry for persistent storage? What I'm hoping to hear is that it's minimal, with the ODB carrying most of the load.

How about not at all?

The ODB handles all it's own storage.

There's probably an entry in the registry for Frontier - but it's not something I've ever worried about.

The only system level issue I'm aware of in a windows environment, is that a very small number of apps (3?) have problems sharing the clibboard space while Frontier is running.

The two apps that I'm aware of that have this problem are FPE (a text editor) and Extend (a simulation/modellling environment).

You can freely move the frontier folder around on both the Windows and Mac - it's not a problem.


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