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Re: WINE ~= Carbon?

Author:Robert Cassidy
Posted:4/27/1999; 4:12:26 PM
Topic:Linux' wide open spaces
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Yes, Dave. I really think so.

OS X is not the radical departure that it might at first seem to be. Certainly you remember the disasters of the past: Copland, Rhapsody, etc. The problem I see with those plans is that they didn't seem to offer much that was mature, or didn't appear to be a migration. Windows 2000 may be neat, but how immature is it really? How many people willing to put their jobs behind it in the first 12 months? Copland especially had this problem. Everything was new. Rhapsody was mature but not easy to migrate to. Rewrite everything.

OS X is a bit different. The unix is nice and mature. The YB stuff is nice and mature - most of it. WO is mature. EOF mature. It should have scripting out the wazoo - perl, tcl, AS, python, you name it. It has GREAT database interactivity with EOF. It has great web interactivity with WO (just a bit pricy). Carbon brings some notion of migration to the platform. I don't see MacOS continuing. I don't see any reason for it to.

As for Apple. I can understand the Avid situation. Avid has been climbing in bed with MS and Intel more and more over the years. Apple has to make sure there is a video solution on the MacOS, and one that supports QT and Firewire. Avid sucks at QT and Firewire. I can't fault Apple for delivering Final Cut and a B&W G3 to a user for $2500 and have it outperform $9000 worth of Wintel/Avid hardware and software. That's Avids fault for not paying attention.

>Microsoft isn't going to do this kind of transition with Windows

Heh. Just you wait Dave. They've done it how many times before? Sooner or later 64 bit or Merced or some damn thing will come along and MS will rip your code out from under you as well. Apple isn't better, I admit, but I don't think that they are any worse - you just have a longer history with them and Apple was on a downturn while MS was on an up. That seems to be reversing some now, though...

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