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Re: OS upgrades (was: WINE ~= Carbon?)

Author:Nicholas Riley
Posted:4/29/1999; 7:41:20 AM
Topic:Linux' wide open spaces
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You're right about the 7.0 upgrade, of course, the same thing happened to everyone.

In OS X, Apple is taking the same approach Microsoft did with the 3.x -> 95/NT transition. The Blue Box works like Windows' 16-bit compatibility system, proving a virtual machine for old apps to run in, more or less at full speed, protected from the new ones, but not as much from each other. For writing new apps or porting them to run under OS X natively, you have four choices, more or less attractive depending on where you're coming from:

This is just complicated enough that it's hard for a lot of people to get. When I try to explain it to non-programmers, it takes too long. The message definitely needs to be simpler.


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