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Re: Designing Accessible Websites

Author:Philippe Dambournet
Posted:5/5/1999; 9:49:09 PM
Topic:Designing Accessible Websites
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The problem is not that web sites are more or less accessible to a minority of the population (by this token, what about illiterates?) -- the problem is that there are people, such as Sean Lindsay, who have no qualms about allowing some obscure characters operating in the shadow of the government to become de facto editors and webmasters to each and every site.

That is nothing more, and nothing less, than government-controlled speech in the name of the outlandish claims of organized pressure groups. Such things do not happen in a free society.

And to connect to that other discussion, yes, Americans do appear to be idiots, if they can still run around calling themselves a free people even as they choke on increasingly short leashes. Any free citizen should be up in arms at such an outrageous attempt to let the government dictate how websites should be built.

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