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Re: The need for the 2nd amendment

Author:Eric Kidd
Posted:5/7/1999; 9:56:37 AM
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You don't have to be able to win, you just have to make it hard enough to not be worth while. Switzerland and Austria are two small countries which are both legal neutrals. In the event of a war, any large European army could probably roll right over them

As a former resident of Switzerland, I'd give the the Swiss better odds than you might think. ;-)

Even today, the Alps are impassable, particularly in winter. The only ways to travel in Switzerland are tunnels, soaring bridges and narrow roads which literally cling to the sides of the mountains. Three days and a few tons of plastique would be sufficient to render ground forces useless to invaders.

The Swiss can move through those mountains, though--I've seen little old Swiss ladies walk straight up grades that would leave an American athlete winded. So any occupying force would be fighting a long, bitter war against people hiding in the mountains. The invaders would be nearly immobilized, and the Swiss would be free to move and ambush as they pleased.

Plus, having known the Swiss, I'd hate to be on the wrong end of their righteous indignation. I know how they feel about litter, shoplifting and loud noises after 10pm, and an invasion would probably qualify as all three.

Cheers, Eric

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