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Re: Scripting News readers at WWDC?

Author:Greg Pierce
Posted:5/10/1999; 3:30:42 PM
Topic:Scripting News readers at WWDC?
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Prev/Next:5961 / 5963 impressions, so far, are great. But my opinion may be somewhat tainted by being one of two people who won new powerbooks during the morning keynote. Other than that...

OS X news/preview release look good. The graphics/windowing model "Quartz" looks way ahead of anything else available. The integrated blue box seems to really work. I'll probably have to warm up the Next-ish Finder they're working on--but I assume they're going to provide an interface option equivalent to the current Finder as an option.

Lots of smart and friendly people here....i'm going to go learn some more from them now....


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