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Standard HTTP

Author:Eric Kidd
Posted:5/11/1999; 2:40:00 PM
Topic:Update on My.UserLand.Com
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I'm going to ask Tim Bray for his advice on this. It could be that there already is a convention for redirection in XML, if there is, that's what we'll use.

XML is a content format, not a communications protocol. Redirects have more to do with communications than they do with content. This is why the folks on the XML lists told you to look at HTTP. ;-)

Apache users can redirect hits by creating a file called .htaccess in the same directory as the old RSS file, and adding the line:

Redirect permanent /oldpath/news.rss

If you don't use Apache, check your web server manual for details. If this doesn't meet your needs, it's still possible to add a "redirect tag" to RSS without anybody's permission. Doing so would require some knowledge of RDF, which a meta-data format stored as XML.

RDF is pretty cool. It's a little too complicated for what it does, and it takes a while to grok. But it seems like a worthy enough idea. Among other things, it lets you store directed, typed graphs of objects as XML.

Cheers, Eric

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