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Darwin and Linux

Author:Ken MacLeod
Posted:5/14/1999; 8:18:55 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 5/14/99
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Hint to Apple get "Darwin" off your roadmap and jump to Linux.

The differences between BSD, Linux, and Darwin are relatively minor. Only slightly more than the differences between RedHat, Debian, and Caldera Linux. Apple is building on one of Unix's greatest strengths, modularity.

As you installed Linux, you probably watched as several hundred ``packages'' got installed on your system. Of those several hundred packages, Darwin and BSD share about 95% of them with Linux.

``Linux OS'' really means ``a lot of OpenSource software running on top of the Linux kernel.'' Darwin is ''a lot of [the same] OpenSource software running on top of the BSD and Mach kernels.''

This is a detail that most of the non-technical media doesn't get.

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