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Re: Office 2000

Author:Jim Roepcke
Posted:6/7/1999; 12:32:25 PM
Topic:Office 2000
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Not only do they look terrible, the HTML is terrible too... a total mess.

I tried a Save as HTML with Word 2000 (preview release) a few months back. The HTML it made was completely riddled with CSS and XML. A simple one pager became a 25KB document. The page didn't look well AT ALL in Netscape 4, although it looked half-decent in IE4. Looking at the HTML it was pretty clear that it was totally groomed for IE5.

When someone gives me a word file, I:

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In Frontier, I paste the code into a WP-Text object,

In the QuickScript window, I execute:


" + string.replaceAll(wp.getText(), "\r\n\r\n", "


") + "


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Paste into Dreamweaver

Re-Apply the necessary styles (bold, headings, italics, colours, etc)

Convert to 3.x

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Paste back into Frontier

Remove everything outside (and including) the BODY tag.

Needless to say, I really appreciate it when people give me plain text to work with :-)


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