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Re: Console Can't find a sub-table named

Author:Mark Gillingham
Posted:6/13/1999; 4:33:47 PM
Topic:Console Can't find a sub-table named "t"
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"Can't complie because of syntax error"

When I comment out the "else" clause, the syntax is good.

I'll repaste the script below so you can see if it translated from text to script odb and back ok:

local (oldpta = nil, s);

try ;

oldpta = html.getPageTableAddress ()};

try ;

local (t);

new (tabletype, @t);

local (pta = @t);

html.setPageTableAddress (pta);

html.buildPageTable (this, pta);

s = parentof(parentof(this^)^)^.default ()}

else ;

if oldpta != nil;

html.setPageTableAddress (oldpta);

scripterror (tryerror)};

if oldpta != nil ;

html.setPageTableAddress (oldpta)};

return (s)

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