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Re: Internet Alchemy

Author:Paul Nakada
Posted:6/14/1999; 12:22:49 PM
Topic:Internet Alchemy
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Now the question boils down to control. If you let one site rip off your headlines, you let anyone. What happens when Wired News headlines start showing up on the, for instance, "We Love AOL" (or some other equally unsavory web site ;-) ) web site. It appears that "Wired News" is in some way affiliated or endorses this site when in fact they've just "syndicated" their headlines. Meanwhile Wired News may be paying a site like Yahoo good money to be a syndication affiliate in order to get a quality co branding arrangement with a name brand site.

In any case, once you let any random site use your name and headlines, you let all random sites use your name and headlines. Hand picking syndication partners is far easier than hand excluding syndication partners.

BTW. I'm a big supporter of content syndication. I rip headlines for all of my sites and feel like it adds value to both parties. I just enjoy understanding and exploring all of the issues that a medium like the internet brings up.

- Paul

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