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Changing the URL of an RSS File

Author:Seth Dillingham
Posted:6/15/1999; 12:44:09 PM
Topic:Problems registering?
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I've just been told that there is no way to change a RSS file's URL on the server, and that this is because the URL is the key to the channel in the server's database.

I had to change a channel's RSS file's URL this morning, and that actually meant creating a whole new channel which points to the new URL, and leaving a "forwarding address" at the old URL.

How hard would it be to have an interface on for "publishers" to change the URL of their RSS files? Surely the places that url is stored, in Frontier on the server, is finite and predictable, and so could be managed by a script. Yes?

I believe this would be a solid, convenient, and professional feature to add to (would be nice to find that they've done it at, too, but I haven't found it yet).

Update, 10 minutes later

I just found the instructions for changing the RSS file's URL (but only for, at


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