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Re: ScriptingNews 2.0b1 Comments

Author:Hannes Walln÷fer
Posted:6/16/1999; 6:52:30 AM
Topic:ScriptingNews 2.0b1 Comments
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This is a great step forward from RSS (although it may have been around before). RSS is so limiting because it requires one to adopt a specific writing style, packing everything into one line/link. That´s why I never got into RSS.

I don´t know if it was Netscape´s intention to restrict what RSS can do, or if they just didn´t see the need for a more flexible format, so I have no idea if we can expect Netscape to "fix" RSS. Maybe they think the uniformity of RSS channels is a good thing.

One suggestion: if this is to be widely adopted, it may be a good idea to give it a more general name than scriptingNews. Why not ride that wave and call it the Weblog format?

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