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Re: XML for Preferences

Author:Steve Ivy
Posted:6/16/1999; 3:20:58 PM
Topic:Source release of Prefs.UserLand.Com
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I love this.

I've spent the day building a Director app which reads the xml from the demo site and builds an interface for it. Soon it will be a Shockwave file which can be put on the front end of any prefs system which uses Dave's xml format. Director's XML is easy to use!

I just downloaded the outline.xml file from, and my Director app rendered it just fine (as far as I've gone at least- the list of panels, switching betweeen them, and the title and description fields). I'll post screenshots tomorrow.

I haven't done any work yet on dealing with items - form elements and such. I want to be compatible with Frontier's implementation as much as possible, but I don't have storage or callbacks in Director.

Any thoughts on how to deal with various datatypes would be appreciated.

still diggin'!


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