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Author:Dave Winer
Posted:6/17/1999; 10:31:41 AM
Topic:Netscape on next rev of RSS
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agh - you got me there. But how do you defeat splintering of formats when there's no incentive to be compatible with other systems?

It's not impossible. The way to do it is to get very strong very quickly so people *want* to be compatible instead of blazing a new trail. Everything I'm doing is in that direction. Let's not hold back, let's move quickly and with strength. Then be adaptable. If other formats come along, support them asap.

I learned this over and over. The value is in a single piece of software that supports all the formats. So we'll welcome all comers, and gently try to nudge them to support what's already popular. The more evident the popularity is, the softer the nudge can be.

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