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Posted:6/18/1999; 9:51:05 PM
Topic:Frontier Consultants
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I took an executive level position recently. MIS is one of my responsibilities. We have a nascent intranet, but it's not well organized, hard to navigate around, hard to find things, not interactive, and is overly technical. We make our financial and similar data available to managers via the intranet, but there's no news, no way for our non-html savvy employees (just about everyone!) to contribute. These are all things that a well designed Frontier-based system can help solve, particularly F6. Alas, although I've used Frontier to manage websites for years now, I haven't the time to do this myself. So I want to at least consider the use of some hired help. In addition, the availability of consultants/web designers and such who are intimate with Frontier helps demonstrate to MIS types that Frontier is a "real" system, a business-ready system.

Thanks for the interest. Email me at if you're local and seriously interested.


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