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Re: Javascript/RSS/ScriptingNews Combo Question

Author:Gary Teter
Posted:6/27/1999; 9:20:45 AM
Topic:Javascript/RSS/ScriptingNews Combo Question
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Not sure how to make it easy for people to integrate your content into their page. If I was going to approach the problem, I'd probably use layers and the document property of the layer object. Turns out it's writable, even after the page has loaded! ie, document.layers['fred'].document.write('html text here') Tres chic...

You can even set the .src property of a layer object, point it to a URL like this: document.layers['fred'].load("",718) -- that 718 is to set the width of the layer. This isn't as useful as I'd like because Netscape assumes the base href of the newly loaded "page" is the same as the page which caused the loading. Scripting News happens to work great because all its image refs are absolute.

The problem with making this sort of thing available to subscribing sites is that layers really want to be positioned and sized on the page, and a design decision like that should be up to the subscribing site.

And of course, IE's DOM probably wants you to access these things differently in 4 vs. 5.... at least you can set up the layers by using div tags with a stylesheet for positioning and have it work mostly everywhere.

Now, having said all that, The Motley Fools have come up with a pretty nifty solution called FoolWire. It's available at , and it does pretty much everything you're looking for. I think it would be cool if other sites supported the same format, but I don't know if any do.

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