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Re: Free Speech not Free Beer (was Re: Win What?)

Author:Eric Kidd
Posted:6/29/1999; 3:18:25 PM
Topic:Win What?
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(Speaking for myself, not UserLand.)

I would add, though, that it might be wize to start small (prototype), and buy a large number of machines incrementally.

Thank you for reminding me. :-) This works best with vendors who will sell you one box and accept an order a month later for "a dozen more just like that".

If you're buying lots of Linux boxes, you probably want to buy them from a Linux vendor. A year ago, that meant VA Linux Systems, Penguin Computing or one of many VARs who specialized in Linux. Today, companies like IBM, HP, SGI, Compaq and Dell will sell you a server or scientific workstation running Linux.

Other fun options include the Cobalt Raq. These machines are a flat version of the Cobalt Qube, designed for stacking in 19" server racks. Each one stands about 1.75" high, and you can set them up in a few minutes apiece. Like the Qube, though, they use 64-bit MIPS processors instead of Pentiums.

If you want a computational cluster (instead of a server), any number of companies sell and prebuilt Beowulf systems consisting of dozens of Intel or Alpha boxes. When I installed my first Linux system, there weren't many vendors to help out. But times, they are a changin'...


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