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my.userland weblog oddities

Author:Steve Ivy
Posted:7/2/1999; 12:14:01 PM
Topic:my.userland weblog
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I am really enjoying my forays into weblogging on

However, I seem to have run into a bit of a snag... I just updated my weblog on right up to the last minute. I added an entry, but couldn't get the channel text to update itself. The channel text only had the stories up to the one before the one I was trying to add. No matter how many times I hit "update", it wouldn't work.

Then, as the hour rolled over, my new stories didn't appear in the new stories list.

Is there, perhaps, some work going on behind the scenes which could be causing these oddities? If so, nevermind, and I'll wait for everything to work itself out.

This stuff is really amazing. Dave and Co- thanks.


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