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Re: the OS price

Author:Karl Fast
Posted:7/4/1999; 9:16:42 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 7/2/99
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>>OK, so why do you think MS should make a cheap version of NT?

>To respond to the competition.

How does this respond to the competition? Is the competition saying "make NT cheaper"? I think the competition has biggers complaints. Price is one of them, but I think the price complaint usually has more to do with client licenses than anything else; "whadda you mean that after buying NT server and 20 copies of NT workstation I have to buy another 20 "client licenses" to hook 'em all up!"

How does a price cut respond to the major criticisms of NT--reliability, scalability, administrative flexibility, etc? (Again, not criticizing your comment Dave, just trying to discuss this and figure this out as best we can).

Now, obviously, to impress the Linux people MS has to go above and beyond here and make NT not only match Linux but blow it's doors off in every respect. That's not gonna happen. The best MS can do is what we've got now: competing OS'es with various strengths and weakness, pros and cons. Hmm, on second thought maybe MS can do something--have stronger support for open standards and scrap, or at least turn down the rhetoric, on their closed standards.


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