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Re: Linux Don't Blink

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:7/7/1999; 1:46:42 PM
Topic:Re: Linux Don't Blink
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Thanks for posting this here Paul, and I'm going to try to get to the SV Linux meeting tonight, it would be my first.

I think you make a really good point about Microsoft. Here's how I look at it. I made a large investment in NT for our server software. I want to realize a benefit for that investment. We have quite a ways to go with Linux before it will feel as familiar as NT, even though the market feels real good, we're still some distance from having our act together there.

I also want to be sure that Linux has good competition. I see Linux as being very strong, and Red Hat coming along getting ready to make billions in an IPO, I think an aggressively moving Microsoft is just what's needed to keep everyone honest.

And also, we make Mac software! Not to get that lost in the shuffle. Thankfully Apple appears to realize they have little to lose from Linux gaining traction, and in Apple's case I'd love to see them fully embrace Linux and add value to it esp in user interface technology, which Apple owns a lot of.

So it's a three-OS world as far as I'm concerned. This is the price of freedom. This is what it means to be an Internet developer in 1999.

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