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Corps that use NT today are the corpses of tomorrow :-)

Author:Paul L. Bruno
Posted:7/7/1999; 3:22:30 PM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 7/2/99
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Obviously I'm exaggerating. But I'm also thinking that corporations may not really want to be using NT.

I'm getting used to seeing my business units hesitantly answer "NT" when I ask them what platform they need for a particular (internet) app and that's the only solution they found. They are almost apologetic, they'd rather be on something else, but they've been trained a particular way and the little pellets are always available whenever they press the lever. But I don't think they'd stick with NT given a viable alternative, and one may be developing. Hmm. I wonder what Microsoft would have done to Dell for configuring servers with Linux, if the government wasn't on their back.

Fortunately, given an opportunity, we tend to jump at choice. (So do we really have choice?) The grass is always greener. Microsoft has tried to own the whole yard, so we're all jumping the fence any opportunity we get. I'm constantly getting begged by our sys admins (NT and Unix) to get another Linux-based project rolling so they can get some experience.

In the court of public opinion, they're Goliath. Nobody roots for Goliath. All right, I rooted for Darth Maul, but that's different. His light sabre was cool and he was the underdog fighting against two cheating light-side Jedi. But that was ALTAIAGFFA...

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