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XML-RPC faultCodes

Author:Edd Dumbill
Posted:7/7/1999; 6:02:50 PM
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Are there any standard/reserved range of fault codes? For instance, in my implementation I'm reserving 1-99 for XML-RPC system errors, 100-799 for XML parser errors and having 800 onward for server implementors to use. These are pretty much arbitrary, as you can tell. Is there a need to standardize on faultCode ranges?

And if there is, ought we to go further? For instance, standardizing which code gets returned for "Unknown method"?

I know the spec currently says there's no global list of fault codes, but it may be a reasonable time to specify some now with so many active implementations. Or at least agree on some reserved ranges. I would have thought that the automated tools of the future which do RPC via XML-RPC would get some advantage from it.

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