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Re: 'Fat' Channels

Author:Paul Nakada
Posted:7/7/1999; 8:31:53 PM
Topic:'Fat' Channels
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I am.

How much does a standard sybdication format mean to me? As a consumer of this data, i'm concerned with, in this order:

1) the number of sites supporting some sort of syndication format rationale:

syndication in any format is a huge win for everyone. the more sources, the more valuable the editorial content vs. boilerplate press release content.

2) the richness of the format allowing a whole range of useful renderings.

there are a whole range of useful UI's for accessing syndicated content, providing a rich set of attributes allows for more renderings.

3) the ability to extend attributes of the format to allow for creative ways of syndicating content.

like adding search interfaces, search result ratings, full content, plain text content, avantgo content, etc.

4) a substantial number of sites supporting a particular format.

i can support multiple formats, but i need enough sites supporting a particular format in order to put the effort into supporting it.


- Paul

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