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Re: Thin Clients or Fat Networks

Author:Paul L. Bruno
Posted:7/8/1999; 12:25:44 PM
Topic:Thin Clients or Fat Networks
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Amen brother.

When IS imposed a VCS on us that was web-based, all it did was discourage developers who already didn't need a reason to resist the whole concept of VCS. This was an intranet app, but there really was no reason to webify it -- and there were perfectly good client/server options available, but no, everything has to be coming out of your browser.

Can you imagine how quickly developers stop checking in source code as frequently as they should, when they have to go to a bookmarked page, log in, navigate, wait for page loads, click a file upload button, and file-nav to their file, then click submit and wait for a response?

Back around '89-'92, my employers were always begging me to get the data onto their laptops, so they could work on the run. They didn't want to connect to servers to get data -- it was an impractical way to work.

Today, these same guys are hyped about webifying the very same apps (leaving their data on the server) because everyone else is doing it! (I shouldn't mock them, I've got a yahoo email account.)

And hey, you don't have to write a client -- so it'll cost less!

I don't know if anyone has ever factored the PHB factor into TCO.

Hey on a related note, I caught this link from Cafe au Lait Java -- browser clients are putting on a little weight. There goes the cross-platform glory of the web. Seems like trying to be platform neutral by considering yourself an internet developer may be harder than I thought.

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