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Re: Thoughts on improving XML-RPC

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:7/9/1999; 11:38:10 PM
Topic:Thoughts on improving XML-RPC
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I think these are all good points. But the verboseness of the protocol is as-it-is. It's the result of not taking a stand on stylistic concerns. "Let them have it the way they want it," I said, so that's how it works.

About W3C, it may be finally time for us to plunk down the bucks and say Here's Our Spec. I'll sleep on it!! How much does it cost? Do I have to go to meetings? These are all important questions.

BTW, it's time to think about it because I am Co-Chair for the Distributed Computing track at WWW9 in Amsterdam next May. How's that for an honor! I can't really dis W3C when they're honoring me that way.

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