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Re: Email to Jean-Louis

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:7/20/1999; 9:52:53 PM
Topic:Email to Jean-Louis
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Not only is it common in that context, but the "pooling of interests" in acquisitions happens all the time. What's exchanged is stock. Public stock, because it is immediately liquid and its value is immediately known, is more powerful in this context than private stock.

I was there at the birth of Be, and have consistently believed that JLG, unlike most other CEOs has the potential of building an alliance of developers using his company as the vehicle. John Sculley competed with developers, his vision was so great, it didn't leave much room for developers. So does Bill Gates, and to an even greater extent Linus competes with developers. Bless them both, esp Linus.

JLG is different. Once a long time ago he asked me in his French way if I was a pimp or a whore. I had trouble answering, but when I turned the question back at him, without hesitation he said he was a pimp. That's the point. Now if they get an expansive view of their role in the world, they can see Be as a facilitator, not as an end in itself. Let it be the developer's platform. This is where they have great potential, IMHO. As I said earlier, this is just my opinion, nothing more.

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