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Re: Email to Symantec re Outliners
Posted:7/25/1999; 10:43:48 AM
Topic:Email to Symantec re Outliners
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"Hoist" separates a chunk (only temporarily -- dehoist puts it back) of the outline, so that you can concentrate on the contents of the chunk without the distraction of the other pieces. It allows you to focus on a piece, then drop it back where it belongs. Very nice for programming, technography, to-do lists, and so on...

"Cloning" is sort of analogous to an include in programming, but not exactly like it. Let's say you have a chunk of text that you want to repeat a few times in a single outline. You can create it once, then clone it and reuse it often in that outline. Any changes made to the original chunk are seen in all of the clones. Very handy.

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