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Re: Yusuf Mehdi on Instant Messaging

Author:Ken Kennedy
Posted:8/5/1999; 7:40:52 AM
Topic:Yusuf Mehdi on Instant Messaging
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> I didn't request an SDK. If you had an open and documented

> communication protocol no SDK would be necessary.

Good job, Dave. Like you've said before (I'm paraphrasing), you're not a Windows developer, or a Mac're an Internet developer. A Microsoft SDK sometime in the next 9 months (HA!) isn't going to help you now, and isn't going to help anyone who wants to hack together a client on Linux today using GNOME or KDE. (Or the command line, for that matter...ncurses...yum!) Unwieldly SDKs are not the answer. As you said, an open, documented protocol is all anyone needs.

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