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Re: Scripting Challenge: Tree Charts in Frontier

Author:John Styles
Posted:8/5/1999; 1:00:42 PM
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If you are interested in using a client side ActiveX control rather than generating an image on the fly, then check out

Which uses a control. It is not freeware so if you use it other than from their web-site you get various 'this is a demo' messages, which is 'cool' - to each their own business model.

Here is some code which displays a fully open tree with a top node each of which has 2 branches, each of which has 2 braches each of which has 2 branches. It was unashamedly developed by using one of their web pages and hacking it around until it worked.


Minimalist Sample

---- END SNIP --

It should be reasonably obvious to the trained eye what's going on here. The first parameter is the 'path' of the node - only the bit after the last slash is displayed. The final parameter is the icon used for the node.

It would presumably be easy to dynamically generate the MyTree.AddNode statements.

I think this is a more elegant solution that generating images. There may be freeware ActiveX controls which do the same thing. Obviously not a cross platform solution though!

John Styles

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