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Re: Oh good, another corporate information entitlement

Author:Chris Hanson
Posted:8/10/1999; 11:11:41 AM
Topic:Deep Linking
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If I use one of your URLs as the source in an image tag, it can be argued that I'm appropriating your copyrighted work because I'm incorporating it into my own when the user views my work. However, if I simply put a link to the image on my page, I am referring to your work -- not even quoting it! -- and thus exercising my natural right to free speech.

Also, remember that copyight is (a) not a natural right, and (b) not extensibe to meta-data. A URL is meta-data, just like your address. Even if you have an internal mail stop on your address, you can't prevent people from recounting it. You don't have the right to say exactly how your copyrighted work is interpreted, discussed, referred to, etc., you only have the right to control access and distribution. And access control is easy -- use accounts with passwords.

(I am not a lawyer, just opinionated.)

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