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New Century Debate

Author:Donald W. Larson
Posted:8/11/1999; 9:28:02 AM
Topic:Antique (Apple) Tee-Shirt
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The century will finished not this year but the 31st december of 2000. So, the new century will begin the 1st january of 2001. People don't know that !!!

Technically, you are right.

However, why the modern calendar starts at 1. A.D. and not 0 A.D. is a mystery to me. It's was a completely arbritary date start and responsible for many 1-off date misconceptions. :-)

As far as I'm concerned, the year 2000 is a new century, millenium, etc. Just make a 'fix' adjustment as has occurred with other calendar systems of the past.

Of course, we could start over as Internet Year 0, or Swatch Year 0, or something else at 01/01/2000. After all, Time is relative. ;-)

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