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Re: Secure Prevention of Deep Linking

Author:Philip Suh
Posted:8/11/1999; 7:35:21 PM
Topic:Deep Linking
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And the solution is simple: Don't link to them.

The onus is on them to generate traffic for their site--not you. If they only want a certain kind of visitor--then they have the right to restrict their market. And they could certainly implement it server-side without too much trouble.

Copying stories is one thing--that's definitely across the line. But linking? Who can control how people use their services? Can a book author prevent someone from buring a book that's been purchased? Can you stop someone who smells like last week's garbage from getting on the bus and sitting near you?

Yo! Webmaster @ Infoworld. Do a log analysis of your incoming traffic and see how people come to your site: do they come in via the home page, or via links? Calculate the percentages and lay that info in front of the linking policy makers.

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